Engaged HR Inc.


Engaged HR was born out of a passion for creating a different kind of workplace. The kind where people like their jobs, where everyone is working together towards a common goal and where people are happy to come to work every day. Engaged HR is a human resource management consulting firm that transforms workplaces by providing essential human resource management services, systems and expertise to non-profit organizations and small to medium sized businesses. We are solution-focused in our approach and know that a happy, healthy workplace is within every organization’s reach.

At the heart of the workplace are the employees. Working with organizations on how to build strong employee engagement is at the heart of what Engaged HR is all about. And for us, employees include the leaders of the organization and the business owners. Everyone is in this together! We subscribe to the “X” model of employee engagement and align our efforts towards this model. This model is about creating a culture of engagement in organizations and is the cornerstone to the success of organizations.

At Engaged HR, we treat the employment relationship as a two way street between employee and employer. When both parties are engaged, focused and supported, great things are possible. Our programs and services are designed to leverage this partnership to higher productivity, decreased costs and increased retention. All the things that organizations need to be successful!