DoorDash, Inc.

  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Jan 10, 2023
DoorDash, Inc. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
About the Team DashMart is a store made possible by DoorDash. Customers order their convenience items in the DoorDash app, and our Warehouse Associates pick and pack those orders in a real, brick-and-mortar convenience store. DashMart stocks everything from convenience store and grocery store essentials to specialty, artisanal food items. We partner with everyone from big brands everyones' familiar with to local craftspeople and chefs that maybe only the locals know. Shifts: Morning, Day, Evening, Weekend, Part-Time and Full-Time About the Role Picking and Packing orders. Pick orders that come through the app, pack the order and hand off to our drivers. Inventory and Spoilage Management. Stock receivables and manage inventory, including shelf life. Warehouse Organization . Clean and organize the warehouse. Delight Customers . Ensuring substitutions are approved with the customer. You're excited about this opportunity because... Competitive pay...