• Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
May 20, 2022
SEDNA Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Why you'll love SEDNA: Come join us on our mission to fix email! SEDNA is a smart email platform that helps enterprises in the supply chain and beyond to escape the noise and confusion of traditional email systems. In an increasingly complex and fragmented world of work, we provide high-performance teams with the tools they need to communicate with confidence and execute tasks with speed and precision so they can stay focused on what matters most to them. We're a Global CREW on an exceptional mission to give the world back 1 billion hours - we give teams more time, clarity, and confidence by providing a communication space that makes complex work simple. What is it like to work at SEDNA? As part of our CREW you will have the opportunity to do interesting, meaningful work and make an impact alongside a team of driven, low-ego colleagues from many backgrounds. Our team is supportive, adaptable, and kind people who care about our vision. We work hard and work swiftly to...