Air Canada Vacations

  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Sep 27, 2022
Air Canada Vacations Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Primary Flight Attendant responsibilities include: Preparing the aircraft for customer boarding and ensuring a keen awareness of the service and safety plan for the flight Communicating with customers through one-on-one interactions and general intercom announcements in a warm, friendly and professional manner Welcoming customers and engaging with them throughout the flight to create a comfortable, friendly environment Ensuring mandatory safety procedures are followed Liaising with the flight deck crew (pilots) to ensure a smooth and well operated flight with excellent customer communications Provide inflight snack, meal, and beverage service and the sale of onboard products Operation of and assistance with the inflight entertainment system Assisting customers with a variety of needs including carryon baggage stowage, seating arrangements and general comfort Handling onboard incidents and emergencies Handling a medical incident or emergency, including providing...