Signature Aviation

  • Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Jul 18, 2022
Signature Aviation Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Job Description JOB DESCRIPTION Process customer purchases and fuel transactions in accordance with procedures. Ensure that all documentation, receipts, transactions, accounting records, etc. are accurately completed, processed, and forwarded to the appropriate parties. Maintain working knowledge of Signature's facilities, services, website, surrounding areas, and other information commonly required by Signature customers. Maintain the appearance of the interior airport facility and replenishing complementary beverages/supplies, as outlined in the facility appearance standard. Communicate with customers via telephone, fax, face to face, e-mail, ConciAir System, Unicom/air to ground radio. Receive aircraft service orders and direct line service personnel as appropriate to accomplish service requests in accordance with the Customer Service Manual. Assisting pilots with airport, landing, and current weather information. Initiating emergency response procedures for...