• Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Jul 24, 2022
EventMobi Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
EventMobi is a remote-first company and this is a fully remote position. You are able to work in PST to EST time zones. At this time EventMobi is only considering Canadian and US citizens for this role. WHY CONTENT MARKETING AT EVENTMOBI? They say great marketing is all about great storytelling. Stories that make the customer envision success and ultimately take action! So, let us tell you the story of why you should come and work with us at EventMobi (Secretly, we wish you were already on our team, because you could probably write a better story... #inception.) EventMobi is not your typical tech startup, and this is not a typical content writing job. We could start by telling you how amazing your co-workers are and how they will support you day-in and day-out. We could go on about our amazing suite of products, but instead you should explore some of our customer stories on our website. Thousands of organizations around the world are using EventMobi's event management platform to...