Westech Systems, Inc.

Westech has been a leader in healthcare and commercial cleaning consulting for over 25 years. Beginning in the early nineties as a housekeeping consulting business, we have evolved into a comprehensive cleanliness auditing organization. Westech leverages years of industry experience with the latest technology for our auditing solutions.

Independence is Key to our Success

Westech is a firm that provides impartial, unannounced independent housekeeping audits and is acutely aware of our independent position. It is not our policy to contract housekeepers or sell cleaning chemicals and equipment. We have never been affiliated with any contract cleaning companies or janitorial cleaning product companies.

Westech’s mission is to provide our clients with best-in-class cleaning auditing systems and services to reduce the spread of infection, create safer working and patient environments, and improve staff morale – all while improving the bottom line.

The key elements of our cleanliness auditing services are audit standards, certification training, technology, and independent audits.


Working in over 300 healthcare facilities in British Columbia & Alberta alone, while providing services in provinces and territories, Westech has built a name for ourselves throughout Canada for healthcare facility cleanliness auditing and consulting. From coast to coast, our auditors identify root causes of cleaning issues and then suggest preventative measures for medical facilities to improve operating conditions.


Westech services Canadian academic institutions with cleanliness systems tailored to their specific needs. Educational institutions are high traffic facilities with thousands of students, faculty and staff. Westech auditing, software and training assists these educational organizations to control the learning environment and workplace they offer, doing so in a manner that best suits their unique position.


Commercial businesses contact us to streamline their current cleaning plans and to help them ensure their cleaning contractors are cleaning at the level they are legally bound to, as specified in their contract. Whether it is facility auditing, software integration or training, Westech provides a tailor-made system to improve on your current operational strategies.