Human Resources Assistant

  • Iridia Medical
  • Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  • Jan 01, 2022

Job Description

Global is a health care consulting and training firm, as well as an industry leader in emergency preparedness in Canada. Our clients are our number one focus, and we are committed to providing high quality service so that we are THE recognized name when it comes to medical health services and emergency response preparedness in Canada. Check out our website at to get to know us.

Position Summary

This is a 30 hour per week position, with the potential of moving to 37.5 hours per week if the job warrants with a pay rate of $11 per hour. The company's head office is in Vancouver, however the HR Manager works from her home office in Colwood. The HR Assistant will work alongside Global's HR Manager and must be willing and able to commute to Colwood for the job. Your primary role will be overseeing the set-up and implementation of a cloud-based Human Resource Information Management System (HRIS). You'll be responsible for working with the service provider to set up the system from scratch, and customize the information management system to Global's specifications. In addition, you'll be assisting the HR Manager with administrative tasks such as recruitment, document formatting and revision, HR research, project tracking, managing email, proofreading, and the preparation of HR assets.

Are You a Fit?

If you're applying for this position we'll assume you have a strong knowledge of business technology and practices. We are looking for someone who is more than just computer competent, but who is savvy with technology and can quickly and easily pick up new systems, is able to troubleshoot technical problems, and can figure things out. You have excellent time management and multi-tasking skills, and your attention to detail is impeccable. You'll be a fit if you are both a team player and a self-sufficient worker. If you're not currently studying HR, we hope that you'll have an interest in the industry and some idea of the role of human resources in an organization. You'll enjoy this job if you're a self-starter and an innovator, always on the lookout for how to do things better and more efficiently and are committed to high quality work. You're willing to contribute your ideas and knowledge to move our company forward.

Application Instructions

Send us a resume of your skills and experience - that will help us determine whether you have the foundational skills we need for this position. Beyond that, we want to know if you'll be a good fit for us, and us for you. In order to help us assess a best fit, part of our recruitment process is to ask applicants to complete a series of assignments that are part of your application package. Please also include a proposal letter outlining why this particular role is of interest to you and why you believe you are a good candidate for the position. In addition, please review the attached document with assignments, and complete those according to the instructions. Your selection for the position will depend on the accuracy and thoroughness with which you prepare your application package, and your ability to follow instructions. Because we need to circulate your information digitally, please submit your resume and proposal by email only.

Please email Ingrid Vaughan at [email protected] by 9am, Wednesday, December 16th. Your resume, proposal letter and assignments should be attached as Word documents or PDF's and not sent in the body of the email. We look forward to hearing from you!